Anthony Davis Lakers Bulls
Photo: Lakers Daily

Anthony Davis addressed his shooting struggles this season and reminded everybody he is a two-way player.

Davis said his target is to be great on both ends of the floor and not just one aspect of the game, like scoring.

“A lot of people talk about my offense and how this year has been such a slow start and everything offensively, but I’m a two-way player.

I don’t rely on offense for me to have a great season. I’m doing everything I can on the defensive end to help the team. When you’re a two-way player you don’t have to rely on one aspect of the game such as scoring. I can help my team win on the defensive end and make shots when I need to,” Davis said, via Lakers Nation.

Davis is averaging 22.3 points (53% shooting, 31.5% from beyond the arc), 8.6 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game for the Lakers this season.


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