Championship Week is by definition filled with bubble drama. What has changed in 2021 are the names at the center of that drama: Louisville, Maryland, Drake, Xavier and Georgia Tech, among others. Who knows, maybe Duke plays its way into that group as well.

Then again, some of the teams fighting for a spot in the 2021 field of 68 are certainly no strangers to the bubble. You will for example recognize Syracuse as a longtime resident of Bubble Watch. Hello, Orange!

Finally, there’s the possibility that 2021 is different because the bubble is truly taking center stage. The No. 1 seeds are, we think, pretty well set: Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan and Illinois. That’s fairly unusual four or five days out from Selection Sunday. While teams can certainly move up or down in seeding this week, there is no suspense quite like the divide between “in” and “out.”


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