If watching Champ Week has left you with the impression that bubble teams have been losing left and right, well, you might be on to something.

Xavier, Syracuse and Boise State have all wrapped up their conference tournament runs and left their fates in the hands of the committee. Not all losses are created equal, of course. Jim Boeheim’s team lost to the top seed in its conference bracket (Virginia) , the Broncos fell to a No. 5 seed (Nevada) and the Musketeers were defeated by a No. 10 (Butler).

Nevertheless, the common quandary shared by all three programs is that in theory they can do nothing but watch active bubble teams try to move up into the field. (In theory. Xavier, for one, has explored scheduling a profile-enhancing game during this lull.) Other teams in the same inactive boat, such as Drake and Saint Louis, know all too well how this feels.


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