LA Lakers Frank Vogel
Photo: Bleacher Report

The Los Angeles Lakers earned an emphatic road win against the Golden State Warriors (128-97). 68 of the Lakers’ points came from inside the paint which was their highest number this season. In addition to that, the reigning NBA champions had a season-high 36 assists.

After the game, head coach Frank Vogel talked about the importance for his team to make an extra pass. “We want to be an extra pass team,” he said.

“We can talk about paint the grates and find the three-point shooters and we did that at a pretty high level tonight and we rewarded the great passing.

“The dump-offs in the paint there were more tonight than typical. We just want to make great decisions. We want to get a high shot quality every time down the floor. And we did that tonight for sure. We shot 63 percent from the field overall.”


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