Orlando Magic guard Devin Cannady had season-ending right ankle surgery Monday morning but is expected to make a full recovery, according to the team.

Monday’s announcement came a day after Cannady suffered the gruesome-looking injury while attempting to defend a layup attempt in the first quarter against the Indiana Pacers. There was blood on the court around his ankle, and Cannady had to be stretchered away.

The Magic said he suffered an open fracture and a severe lateral ankle sprain.

On Monday morning, the undrafted rookie out of Princeton had surgery to clean out the ankle, with the team saying additional tests — including an X-ray, a CT scan and an MRI — showed that “his bones and cartilage remained intact.”

Cannady was placed in a plaster splint and will be reevaluated during his upcoming rehab.

He made his NBA debut earlier this month and signed a two-way contract with the Magic on April 16. The 24-year-old averaged 4.3 points in eight games this season.


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